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How Your Organization Can Support Remote Learning

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For almost thirty years, Ardent has been dedicated to helping businesses pivot and prepare for challenges, and COVID-19 is one of the biggest challenges that businesses have faced in decades. Learning, development, and corporate training are crucial to supporting business growth and successfully achieving goals, and getting ahead of the curve has never been more important. Staying competitive and nimble is a priority so the focus has been on how to transition learning approaches to meet the current remote-work reality.

How We're Supporting the Transition to Remote Learning

We understand it’s been frustrating for many of our clients as they struggle to find ways to continue learning and development opportunities, but also enable employees space to adjust to their new working environment, so we’ve been working to supporting them in two ways:

  1. Converting established instructor-led training (ILT) courses to virtual instructor-led (vILT): Plenty of organizations already had instructor-led courses scheduled and approved. Deciding how to still deliver these corporate training sessions safely and effectively has become a priority – and also a challenge.
  2. Supporting remote training with custom eLearning solutions: Businesses are recognizing the importance of learning and development to continue growth and maintain success. Our job is to help develop the custom courses that are most relevant to them right now and enable them to deliver online in a vILT format.

Needing to work – including learning and development opportunities – 100% remote has been new for almost everyone. There’s been a fast and often frustrating journey for many businesses to take their learning online and out of a classroom (or meeting room). That’s why we’ve developed a webinar series to share the best practices for vILT and eLearning strategies.

Our complimentary 3-part brief on-demand webinar sessions and eLearning courses covers:


Contact us and discover how to establish and grow a successful vILT program – and how Ardent can you help you create and deliver the custom learning solutions that will support your employee’s success.

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