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The Work

Eye candy, brain food, made daily

Explore some of Ardent’s recent work and client deliverables.

eLearning & microlearning

We’ve created a wide range of engaging and interactive online courses designed to enhance job performance across diverse industries.

Live action video

Ardent has scripted, shot, and produced impactful live action video content to elevate learning experiences, drive behavior change, and develop skills.

Motion graphics & animation

We simplify complex concepts by bringing them to life with captivating visuals and dynamic animation, making learning engaging and accessible.

Instructor-led training

Whether in-person or virtual, Ardent supports our expert facilitators with eye-catching materials that hold the audience’s attention.

Cohort-based learning

We’re big fans of this approach, where groups of learners progress through a structured and varied curriculum together — fostering collaboration and a sense of community.

Performance support tools

Many of the L&D programs we’ve designed include on-the-job resources to enhance productivity, knowledge retention, and skill application.

Ready to elevate your L&D program?

We bring content to life with a masterful blend of visuals, interactivity, and instructional design.