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Our solutions are tailored to meet the evolving needs of each organization we partner with. 

As a full-service training organization, Ardent is your ideal partner to support your organizational learning strategy.

Each of our solutions are customized to drive performance improvements and support a learning journey that aligns seamlessly with your organization's ecosystem and employees.

Some of the most requested programs:
  • • Management and leadership training
  • • Customer service training
  • • Change management services
  • • Technology adoption
  • • Product rollout
  • • Sales training

We take a consultative
approach to learning

There's a reason Ardent only offers custom learning solutions. Each organization has unique business challenges, goals, technical environments, brand and culture. We take every aspect into consideration to build a solution that's designed to succeed.



Consultation to understand organizational needs and business challenges.



Design a custom learning solution that addresses organizational goals.




Develop engaging learner-centric content and associated services for the solution.



Implement the solution and services, measure performance, and sustain results.

Custom Solutions Designed
for your Organization

Learning solutions should not be one-size-fits-all. As long-time experts in learning and development, we know what works: solutions that are carefully crafted and delivered with each organization’s challenges, budget, goals, and resources in mind. We've created a learning development model that strives to have employees engaged and supported.


Our teams develop dynamic and immersive eLearning experiences that support a breadth of interactivity, such as adaptive simulations, branching scenarios, and captivating game-like experiences.

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Instructor-led Training

ILT provides an engaging and hands-on experience. Learners refine and master new skills through practice sessions, immersive discussions, and real-time feedback and coaching opportunities.

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Live Streaming Events

Live streamed events provide authentic, engaging, and accessible learning opportunities. Learners can participate in immersive, branded training experiences on whichever device they prefer.

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This solution focuses on short and concise learning modules or activities that boost learner engagement and knowledge retention, perfect for learning complex topics or covering in-depth training material over time.

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Mobile Learning
Mobile Learning

Our team designs custom content for mobile devices, providing learners with access to learning content whenever and wherever they choose. Many of our ed-tech applications are also available on mobile.

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Reference Materials and Job Aids
Reference Materials and Job Aids

Reference tools like infographics and job aids support on-the-job performance by providing learners with quick and easily accessible information on key tasks and behaviors.

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Video-based learning, such as explainer, motion graphics animation, and tutorial videos, provide an engaging and dynamic learning experience that’s cost-effective, scalable, and easy to distribute.

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Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT)

vILT is immersive, scalable, convenient, and cost-effective. It utilizes best-in-class technology, expert facilitation, and proven instructional design principles to support learners.


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Virtual and Augmented Reality
Virtual and Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) provide innovative ways for learners to develop their skills and knowledge thorough truly engrossing training experiences.

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Get Results with Custom Learning

sustain learning

How We Sustain Learning

Ardent is committed to your success, and we don’t disappear after the initial learning solution is delivered. We track goals, measure results, and provide the next step of learning in order to maintain performance.

Sustainment activities harness what your teams have learned and provide additional support of the knowledge and skills acquired through learning. Interested in sustaining results through learning? Let’s talk!

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Additional Ways Ardent Can Help

Our client services go beyond designing curriculum and development initiatives. As learning and development leaders, we offer services that work together to fully support your learning programs.

Services like event logistics, marketing services, application development, and more allow us to create custom, holistic learning solutions and support our clients’ unique needs.

Are you ready to drive impactful results?

Experts Performance Roadmap

Our team of experts

Our custom solutions are made possible because of the experts that support them. We call our team of subject matter experts our Centers of Excellence, which are composed of specialists in learner experience, technology, design, facilitation and project management. Together, we produce solutions that yield results.

Centers of Excellence 
Challenges Milestone

The challenges we solve

Ardent has over 25 years of providing custom learning solutions to industry leaders, and we know they're not a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. Over time, we’ve found the recipe for success: solutions that are carefully crafted and delivered with each organization’s challenges, budget, goals, and resources in mind.

How Ardent Solves Unique Challenges