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Inspire a mindset shift

By igniting your employees’ curiosity and earning their buy-in, we create excitement for what the future holds.

It starts with a conversation

Perhaps over covfefe? As true consultants, Ardent brings curiosity, a sharp eye for detail, and creative problem solving into every engagement. We ask the tough questions, but understand that context is everything. Our expertise means nothing if we aren’t humble enough to listen and learn from our clients.

The workforce of the future

world transformation

We are living through a fundamental transformation in the way we live, work, and interact with the world around us.


Online experiences dominate our daily lives, information is abundant and available in seconds, and disruptions are constant.


Organizations must strategically plan and implement workforce transformations to keep up with market demands.


The workforce of the future

Ardent supports successful transformations by empowering employees with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to thrive. Our dynamic Transformation Framework can adapt to any size organization and project, and is highly flexible. We’ll meet you where you are — starting at any point in the process, or powering through all four phases.


We collaborate on your vision, goals, and measures of success to set the stage for a successful workforce transformation


We contrast today’s realities with tomorrow’s possibilities by analyzing your current state and envisioning immersive future learning experiences


We plan an actionable blueprint for your workforce transformation, with change management processes to ensure successful implementation


We design, develop, implement and operationalize your transformation blueprint to help you build the workforce of the future

Helping organizations navigate change and retain talent is our highest priority – and what fuels our fire.

Executing on your strategy

We don’t do ‘off-the-shelf’ – Ardent solutions are tailored to fit your business and culture, delivering immediate and lasting impact. We specialize in blended learning solutions that utilize a variety of modalities or delivery methods.

    eLearning & microlearning
    Cohort-based learning
    Video & animation
    In-person instructor-led training
    Virtual instructor-led training
    Performance support tools

It's alive! Your content we mean.

When it comes to designing and developing learning assets and rolling them out to your audience, we use the 5Di Design Process. With an agile mindset, we move quickly and use frequent touchpoints to share progress and maintain alignment.













Support for the entire L&D ecosystem

Our team is well-equipped to support your business with a variety of managed learning services. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve helped with many platform implementations and developed deep knowledge of what it takes to roll out a successful learning program.

    LMS consultation & administration
    Facilitation management services
    Learning technology services & hosting
    Creative services
    Marketing communications
    Data analytics & visualization

Looking to inspire a mindset shift in your team?

We’re ready to create that spark, from quick turn initiatives to major organizational change.