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Best Practices for Rapid Development of Virtual Instructor-Led Training

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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world in early 2020, many organizations scrambled to quickly shift their training to an online platform. Those who were utilizing instructor-led training (ILT) were tasked with determining how to make that training work effectively in a virtual environment. But even before virtual instructor-led training (vILT) became a necessity, some companies were already realizing the value of virtual learning experiences for their businesses.


The Value of Reaching All Learners

At the beginning of 2020, one of Ardent’s partners in the automotive business was looking to expand their reach of in-dealership training beyond the limit of just their larger markets. Those dealerships who benefited from in-store training had consistently seen an impact on customer satisfaction scores. A virtual solution provided this automotive dealer a convenient, cost-efficient way to reach 100% of their employees with valuable training.


You can check out Ardent’s full Case Study on this automotive company’s ILT to vILT conversion here.


The Value of Engagement

One misnomer attached to vILT is that it is synonymous with a boring, one-way webinar, but that’s just not the case. Ardent’s automotive partner understood there was immense opportunity to create a virtual experience with similar levels of engagement achieved through an in-dealership platform.

The important thing to remember is that an engaging vILT solution must be learner-centric with frequent two-way communication. Once you have developed your training with that in mind, you need a dynamic facilitator who can interact with the virtual platform, engage the learners, and effectively deliver the learning content, all at the same time.


The Value of Assessing Your Program

Finally, a key piece of the ILT to vILT conversion most beneficial to Ardent’s automotive partner was the ability to capture immediate post-training evaluations and set up additional formats to collect higher-level data on key performance indicators.

Through collecting and assessing this kind of data, you can logically explore ideas for how to close gaps, improve learning, and show stakeholders the bottom-line impact of training.


If you are looking for assistance with implementing a vILT solution for your organization, let us know! Ardent has been in the Learning & Development industry for nearly three decades and has implemented numerous virtual instructor-led solutions. 


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