The 4 Questions to Ask Content Providers When Considering Virtual Learning

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When it comes to training, development, and learning solutions, you know you have options. Finding the best partner to help you develop and deploy your training content is crucial in helping you drive your business results through learning. But how do you know what to look for?

Here are the most important things to consider when choosing a virtual learning content provider.

  1. Can the learning be measured? How effective learning and development solutions are is measured by metrics like employee engagement and completion, attendance to virtual instructor-led training, as well as testing, assessment, and certification. Does the custom training provider make it easy to access these metrics? Are their forms of measurement useful for tracking your goals?
  2. Can the content be easily customized? Custom learning solutions help businesses tackle their unique challenges and support employees working toward their individual and team goals. Being able to customize content – from design to delivery method – is one of the markers that a content provider is poised to help you tackle your business challenges with learning and development solutions. Plus, businesses and goals change, so it’s worth asking if content that’s being created can be changed down the road to accommodate new branding, different department goals, or a different audience.
  3. Can you use multiple modalities to support learning styles? Effective virtual learning comes in a number of formats, from live and instructor-led to a self-paced video course. Ask your provider about their content creation capabilities. What experience do they have in creating video and animation? Case studies? Product guides? Make sure your provider has the ability to deliver learning solutions in the ways that best support all the learners on your team.
  4. How difficult is integration and is the provider compatible with current systems? If you’re setting up virtual learning for the first time (like many organizations are as they fully transition to remote working environments), you’ll want to make sure that your provider's technology is accessible and user-friendly to employees who might have never engaged in virtual learning before. Can employees easily access content on their smartphones? If there are instructor-led classes to attend, is the video and presentation technology one that employees are familiar with, or do they have to learn a whole new system for one learning initiative? Ease of use is one of the most important things to consider when implementing a virtual learning environment; technical difficulties will stall learning fast.

Technology is constantly changing and Ardent takes pride in evolving with the ever-changing landscape. Ardent’s team partners with technology providers and platforms that are driving innovation in educational technology so we’re able to offer technology solutions and training services that align with your organization’s need to deliver custom learning assets effectively.

Over the past three decades, we’ve worked with hundreds of organizations as a learning and development content provider to help accelerate their success. No matter what your training or technology needs are, we can help. If you're looking for support in implementing custom learning solutions for your organization, get in touch today.

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