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Why You Should Consider Custom eLearning for Employee Development


There’s a common misconception that online learning is a low-quality method for training and development. For decades, learning has taken place in-person, on a schedule, and in a classroom, and sometimes employers feel this kind of structured and observable training is the standard for L&D. Since it’s been around the longest, it must be the best way, right?

The truth is that online and custom eLearning solutions have transformed learning and development to be more effective, accessible, and even enjoyable than ever before.

The Top Benefits of eLearning

  • Accessible: eLearning can be accessed by anyone with the right device and access to the internet. It’s as easy to engage from a smartphone as it is from a desktop in an office. Learners don’t feel stuck or constrained and can access important learning from the devices they’re already most comfortable using.
  • Customizable: You know that all of your employees don’t learn the same way, and we know that your business has unique goals for training and development. Custom training and eLearning solutions can solve both challenges and let all learners engage with training effectively.
  • Flexible: You want your team to be able to get all the benefits of a learning program and still focus on the day to day responsibilities of their jobs. Modern learners are busy both personally and professionally, and eLearning gives them the opportunity to take self-paced courses or take training on the go using their smartphones.
  • Measurable: eLearning gives employees the tools to track and measure their progress and feel good about their quantifiable success. Employers who might have been asking if they can trust that their employees will stay on track can assess employee engagement and performance.

Organizations and employees can get the biggest benefits from eLearning by aligning the level of eLearning with their development goals for the most effective, flexible custom training solutions.

The Levels of eLearning

  • Informative eLearning provides a solid and direct delivery of information and sharing of baseline knowledge. Businesses benefit from using this method of eLearning for standardized training including things like new employee onboarding.
  • Interactive eLearning includes a moderate amount of interactivity and custom design elements. Brands might get the most benefit from this format for training that requires some branding and a level of interactivity that communicates how key skills and behaviors impact the learner’s role.
  • Intensive eLearning builds on knowledge sharing and comprehensive skill building, plus adds opportunities for learners to practice applying skills. Employees who need training in goal-based or performance initiatives – like customer service teams – benefit most from intensive levels of eLearning.
  • Immersive eLearning offers advanced custom design with immersive simulations, gamification, and interactivity components. This is ideal for complex content and supports cohort or social learning initiatives. Businesses looking to create custom training with gamification, interactions, and task-based simulations will benefit from this comprehensive level of eLearning.

If you're looking for assistance with implementing an eLearning strategy for your organization, we can help. Over the past three decades, we’ve partnered with hundreds of organizations to successfully implement custom eLearning solutions, and we can help you get the most of your eLearning methods.

Click here to contact Megan, our Vice President of Business Development to schedule a complimentary consultation for a custom eLearning solution.

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