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Virtual instructor-led training (vILT) is an immersive virtual training experience that utilizes best-in-class technology, expert facilitation, and proven instructional design principles to support learners through their journey.

Download this free infographic to discover how to create a comprehensive vILT strategy. These must-ask questions about the needs of stakeholders and learners as well as the capabilities of your content and technology can help you plan your next steps and support a successful vILT implementation. 

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Go Virtual With Instructor-Led Training

Whether you need to convert in-classroom material to a virtual format, or you plan to start from scratch with content, you should focus your effort into these three areas. Read more now. 


Best Practices For Rapid Development Of vILT

A virtual solution provided this automotive dealer a convenient, cost-efficient way to reach 100% of their employees with valuable training. Find out more.