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Solving Challenges

Collaboration is Key.

Let’s dig into the details. Every organization has a unique set of criteria for their solutions, that in itself is the beauty of being solely a custom learning solutions company. Learn more about the types of challenges Ardent commonly works on solving.

A truly custom process

Ardent’s solutions are carefully crafted and delivered. Every custom learning asset is meticulously developed by each of Ardent’s Centers of Excellence.

learning strategy drives results


A Continuous Journey

Learning is a continuous process that doesn’t begin and end with a single training event. Ardent aims to develop learning solutions that inspire and spark action to drive performance improvements through your employees.


A Learning Strategy that Drives Results

Ardent delivers proven, flexible, innovative solutions that align to an organization's goals.

Ardent Solves for Your Unique Challenges

These business challenges transcend industries

These challenges are prevalent in most industries, but the list doesn’t define all the ways a custom learning solution can help your organization accelerate their goals. 

Sales Team Effectiveness 

Enable your sales team to focus on the most profitable parts of your business and ensure that your learning program is effectively aligned with your brand and company culture. 

Customer Experience 

Retaining customers that are loyal to your organization improves margins. Explore how Ardent’s team worked with Nissan to build a long-term strategy to improve the customer experience.

Organizational Changes and Transformation 

Change can be difficult. Accelerate adoption for process changes and technology adoption by leveraging custom learning assets. 

New Skills Diminish After Initial Training 

Achieve success with long-term sustained behavior changes made possible by a custom learning program and behavior sustainment activities.

Evolve Employees Expertise, Skills and Talents

Efficiently upskill exiting teams rather than hiring new workers using a comprehensive learning program. 

Recruit and Retain the Best Employees

Align recruitment, onboarding and training consistently across the entire organization to build powerful teams.

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“Words cannot explain how happy we are with the solutions we received and the successes it brought. We’re looking forward to continued success with the Ardent team.”



“We are so thankful for everything Ardent has done and continues to do. It’s been a pleasure working with the entire team—you've set the bar so high for the rest of our vendors.”