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Centers of Excellence 

Our custom learning solutions are made possible because of the experts that create and support them.


Why Our Centers of Excellence are Important

Creating a custom learning solution is an art based on each organization and their unique challenges. 

Our team is composed of industry experts in learner experience, technology, design, facilitation and project management to craft a custom learning solution that yields results.

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A Holistic Approach to Learning

How people learn remains unchanged, but the delivery of training continues to evolve. To honor the rapidly changing industry, we ensure each learner is at the heart of every solution we provide.

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All learning assets are architected with the learner and the business goals in mind. After organizational needs are assessed, this team can identify gaps between your desired and current performance. Using this knowledge, Ardent’s team determines the best blend of course content and activities for the learner.



Designing engaging and interactive learning experiences for all learning styles is what motivates this group.  Ardent’s team delivers learner centric designs that drive engagement leveraging different modalities that integrate well with our clients environments for different learning styles.

Blue_Digital Technology


Offering technology solutions and services that align with an organization’s technical environment enables a seamless integration for a learning solution.  Ardent partners with the best and brightest software developers to blend behavioral science, art, and technology.

Classroom Facilitation



Bring in talented facilitation professionals to train and inspire your team.  Ardent coordinates, manages, and facilitates interactive classroom training to supercharge your learning in the environments you choose.

Blue_Project Management



Plan and execute to ensure all engagements stay on track and up to our quality standards. Ardent’s project management team is dedicated to making sure all of our projects kick off with an aligned definition of what success looks like and how we are going to get there with our clients.


Learning Architect

Our Learning Architect develops comprehensive learning strategies that combine learning tools, platforms, and course content into solutions that are impactful to our client’s organization and deliver a best-in-class learning experience.

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Ardent’s Centers of Excellence is Where Other Competitors Can’t Compete

Our custom solutions are made possible because of the pillars of expertise that support them. These experienced teams specialize in instructional design, engaging learner-centric design, technology that measures and captivates learners and project management that collaborate with you and the teams to deliver a solution on-time.