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What an Effective Training Solution Means at Ardent

When you take on the task of crafting a comprehensive learning solution, there is much more than just the content of that solution to consider. At Ardent, we develop custom solutions to drive performance improvement for our clients. Our approach to architecting those solutions considers a number of key factors to support the value of those solutions and tailors them to business goals, challenges, and needs.

So, what do we consider an effective learning solution at Ardent? Let’s break down a few key items on our checklist when we look at answering that question.

Is it aligned to business objectives?

The primary goal for workplace training is to equip employees with the knowledge and skills they need to perform their job, and in turn help the business reach its strategic goals and objectives. That’s the ultimate return on investment when it comes to training, right? That’s why Ardent takes a consultative and partner-driven approach in working with your business to understand your organizational needs and challenges.

Is the content grounded in sound instructional design?

At Ardent, instructional design theory is a focus for each and every deliverable we create. Starting with fundamental instructional principles at the core of every solution allows us to explore and leverage innovative learning methods, while ensuring our solutions deliver the desired behavior change.

Is it impactful for the learner?

What do we mean by impactful for the learner? In addition to ensuring the instructional methodologies are sound, Ardent is careful to consider any other elements of the solution that affect the learner. Have we thought about different learning styles? Do we have the right blend of the types of learning elements or deliverables? Is it engaging and motivating? Is it visually appealing? Stepping back and taking a look at whole picture for the learner can help guarantee the solution we craft is indeed impactful.

Are there valuable pre- and post-training activities?

While the actual learning elements and deliverables that make up a training solution might check the box on each of the things we’ve mentioned so far, don’t forget that the entirety of the solution also includes what happens both before and after the actual training. Prior to implementing any training, Ardent puts a focus on creating awareness for both learners and stakeholders. Communication to create interest and provide the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) up front is key to putting your solution on the path to success. On the flip side, post-training activities cannot be ignored. Ardent does not overlook the value and importance of sustainment in successful knowledge and skill transfer. Learning is a continuous process.

Can you measure success?

Once the solution is designed, developed, and then implemented, the next step is to gauge its effectiveness. But to do that, the solution has to be designed with that in mind. How are we measuring success? How are we evaluating changes in learner performance? Are there specific metrics we are looking to affect? So, even though evaluating the solution is ultimately one of the last steps in the whole process, it’s one of the first things Ardent thinks about as we craft a solution: ensuring we can clearly quantify the success of a learning program for meeting business objectives.

Best-in-Class Learning Solution  

When you package all of these characteristics up into one solution design, what you get is a best-in-class learning solution to get your business the results it desires. Our team of industry experts is ready to partner with you and your team and begin strategizing for your custom solution.

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