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7 Business Advantages of eLearning

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As you research remote learning solutions for your team, the multitude of offerings may turn your brain in cartwheels. Before we jump into the advantages of eLearning, let’s take a second to define what eLearning is. 

eLearning is a web-based, adaptive solution for modern learners. Also called self-paced learning, eLearning empowers remote learners to focus on hyper-specific content that aligns with their rolesCourses provide personalized experience and a safe place to practice new skills and behaviors. Users track their own progress through assessment scores, completion rates, and other performance indicators. With accessibility for smartphones or computers, participants select the learning environment that works best for them.  

To guide yourself through an example of eLearning, you can take a free eLearning course here

Now that you know the what of eLearning, let’s talk about the why. Consider these seven business advantages of eLearning. 


  1. Budget Friendly: eLearning requires a fraction of the resources and expenses used during in-person training initiatives. 
  2. Boost Productivity: eLearning reinforces business goals and immerses learners in skill development, which leads to greater productivity in targeted areas.
  3. Quickly Create Courses: eLearning development can typically happen fast, especially when you partner with an eLearning content developer like Ardent.
  4. Scale Easily: eLearning’s web-based platform makes microlearning sessions accessible for a huge audience in several locations
  5. Stay Consistent: eLearning ensures learners consume the same content and approach business issues in consistent ways.
  6. Make It Sustainable: eLearning’s online format makes lessons easy to recycle or adapt for future learning opportunities.
  7. Measure the Results: eLearning developers embed interactive games, quizzes, and surveys to track engagement levels and measure business outcomes. 

When you approach training efforts from a learner-centric perspective like eLearning, you accelerate business results. To learn more about eLearning development, schedule a complimentary consultation now

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