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Video Learning Stats to Transform eLearning

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Utilizing video in your eLearning programs has moved from a unique technology used by a few to the new normal used by many. Companies have pivoted to a stronger virtual presence for work, training, onboarding, and sales, and video is more important than ever. The question is no longer “Should I do video?” but rather “When should I do more video?” 

Video can serve many training purposes and builds a connection with learners. The right type of video will depend on your organizational goals, brand, culture, and training type (virtual instructor-led training or in-person training, for instance). Some options for video include explainers, which break down concepts and processes in a simple, easy-to-understand manner, as well as tutorials and behavior modeling — showing examples of positive or negative soft skills interactions.

Today’s video projects are much more cost-effective to produce than in past years, and technology has given us a lot of options for distributing video training. Are you still curious if video is for you? Check out these mind-blowing statistics about video that will help you transform your managed learning projects.

49% say video helps them engage

Nearly half the marketing pros surveyed in a recent study said video helps them engage more effectively with their audience. 

94% of marketers say videos increase product knowledge

According to HubSpot, marketers agree videos help their users understand products in a deeper way. About eight out of ten marketers believe video has a positive influence on sales. Translated to the eLearning industry, video can help trainees and new sales representatives understand company products and services, giving them a better understanding of when they’re ready to sell. 

52% say video helps build trust with potential customers

As English teachers across America will tell you, it’s better to show than tell. Video can help brands establish trust by boosting connection and transparency and can help your managed learning programs do the same with trainees and new employees. 

Learners are 75% more likely to watch videos

Video is more engaging, and employee satisfaction surveys confirm that corporate learners are 75% more likely to watch a video than read an email.

Video boosts retention 83%

Video can improve a learner’s ability to recall concepts. Presentations and training that include a video component are around 10% more effective than text alone when learners are tested immediately after training, but the long-term benefits are even better. Video helps fight the forgetting curve by boosting retention 83% when tests are delayed.

91% of Americans 25 to 29 watch videos for learning

More than two billion worldwide users watched YouTube videos in 2019, and a massive majority of Gen Z users have watched videos to learn new things. Participants noted that video learning is more fun and more accessible to follow than written directions or learning. As more Gen Zs join the workforce, video gives L&D teams an innovative way to reach this new population. 

If you’re ready to jump into video and aren’t sure where to start, download our eBook to discover new types of video and how to use it to improve your eLearning and training. 

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