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3 Myths about vILT Busted

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If we’ve learned anything from the last 18 months, it’s that almost anything can be done virtually, including teaching. Virtual instructor-led training, or vILT, isn’t a new concept to L&D teams, but it’s undoubtedly become a higher priority for companies with remote teams. 

From onboarding to sales training, vILT is a powerful way to harness our new “normal” virtual space to transform corporate learning and training. However, myths still exist in this space, with hesitation coming from learners accustomed to conference room training sessions and leaders concerned about costs for new technology. Join us for a bit of myth-busting about vILT.

Myth 1: vILT and online learning is easier

As we’ve all experienced from our digital transformation, virtual doesn’t always mean easy. Virtual learning can be as complex as in-person learning, especially since virtual learning may involve overcoming technology hurdles and user adoption. Although it’s in some ways more accessible – vILT can be completed from an office, dining room table, or a beachfront cafe with wifi – online training can be more challenging to get started. 

Myth 2: vILT and online learning only support one type of learner

Visual learners and auditory learners alike can find support with vILT through blended learning strategies. Blending learning is a combination of video, interactive prompts, written text, slides and presentations, and audio that supports the virtual instructor. Blending learning gives participants options for training how they feel the most comfortable and allows them to learn at their own pace. vILT blended learning often ends up being a better choice for learners prone to information overload.

Myth 3: It’s impossible to evaluate vILT

On the contrary, vILT can provide a real-time evaluation to help L&D teams personalize pieces of training and discover gaps in knowledge right away. Using post-lesson surveys and quizzes as well as feedback surveys sent automatically following a lesson, L&D teams can evaluate each element, from the instructor to the design to an individual student's level of retention. 

Virtual instructor-led training is here to stay, and now is the time to build resources to start or improve your vILT projects. Check out our eBook on why VILT is here to stay or connect with one of our Ardent professionals today! 


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