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Top 3 Training Trends for 2021

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The role of training and learning and development programs has continued to evolve as the way people work and do business has changed. The organization Training Industry once noted:

Learning and development (L&D) professionals wear many hats and continue to gain new responsibilities beyond their traditional role of deploying training programs at the request of business leaders. Learning professionals are now taking a more strategic and proactive role in planning and developing training that’s aligned with business goals and, therefore, improves organizational performance.

The changes that most businesses have felt due to COVID-19 only make this more true. L&D professionals are tasked with helping to upskill employees to take on more responsibilities due to budget cuts or have had to train remote teams on technology, software, and processes related to working from home that for some simply wasn't a L&D job function until now. 

This year has had many learning and development professionals taking on new challenges in figuring out what the new training objectives need to be and even transitioning to new learning formats include eLearning platforms and virtual instructor-led trainings. Will 2021 see a continuation of those efforts? Here's some of the possible trends we might see for training and L&D teams in the coming year. 

  1. Customer experience training: With the marketplace disruptions in the last year, one area that will require reskilling and retraining to meet the current market expectations is customer service and customer experience. As organizations see the data that marks the changes to their business, their customer base, and audience expectations, training to empower sales and organizational teams will be crucial. 
  2. AI instructors: It's possible that artificial intelligence technology is nearing the capability of being able to teach and train effectively. AI instructors could be used to walk students through highly customized materials and training paths through robust data learning and analytics. Not only would this provide a highly relevant, targeted learning experience, it would also give learners access to instructor anytime, for greater flexibility.  
  3. Microlearning: More education experts predict that as more Gen Z employees join organizations, companies will have to use training techniques like microlearning more frequently to match the learning style and experiences of this younger cohort. 

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