Weight Watchers Boosts Lifetime Value With Leader Engagement


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Learning and Development Investments Increase Retention Rates

With a goal of increasing customer retention rates, Weight Watchers equipped nationwide facilitators through workshops, courses, and monthly mailers.


The Challenge

With a business strategy that hinged on community meetings, corporate leaders held little control over the customer experience. Even so, the meeting strategy had proved beneficial for more than fifty years — both revenue-wise and in the weight loss results of participants. Executives believed if they improved the Weight Watchers meeting experience, they could incrementally increase lifetime value without disrupting a long legacy of success. The corporate model empowered any member who successfully completed the program to graduate into a weekly facilitator position, regardless of their leadership abilities or qualifications. Meeting facilitators were highly diverse with a broad range of leadership skills. Ardent was tasked with building a custom, standard solution that would meet a variety of learner needs and yield predictable performance outcomes.

The Results

In the end, company leaders were ecstatic about every deliverable. The leadership development courses and workshops outperformed any previous in-house attempts. Both the corporate leaders and the local facilitators felt the training accomplished its goals, and everyone felt better equipped to provide the ideal member experience, which tied directly to retention rates.


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