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Pfizer Eases The Tension of Performance Discussions


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Closing the Communication Gap

In an effort to improve organization-wide output, Pfizer executives invested in leadership development initiatives that helped both managers and individual contributors grow comfortable with conversations about on-the-job performance.


The Challenge

Honest feedback is an essential element to performance improvement. But how do you make sure you’re delivering feedback effectively? In what can feel like high-pressure situations, leaders often miscommunicate. In addition to leader missteps, many employees aren’t equipped to handle constructive criticism. They may misinterpret phrases or fear for their jobs. Without proper training, it’s easy for performance and development discussions to go awry. Hoping to remove performance roadblocks without negative consequences, Pfizer enlisted the help of Ardent.

The Results

Pfizer’s learning department successfully changed company culture with regard to performance improvement. Leaders became more effective at leading discussions, and employees became more receptive to their reviews. When asked about their experience working with Ardent, Pfizer executives shared their appreciation for Ardent’s insightful questions and tailored solutions. They backed up these endorsements with more project requests.


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