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What Makes Your Workforce T.I.C.K.: Empowering and Inspiring Employees

Did you know that remote work in the U.S. grew 216% between 2005 and 2019, even before the pandemic? With the adjustments businesses were forced to make in 2020, that number only continues to increase. Flexibility in the workforce is no longer an extra perk but has become an expectation for employees. Harvard Business Review indicates this trending increase in remote and hybrid work will continue in 2022 and beyond and will only serve to increase employee turnover.  

So, what does that mean for your business? Obviously, flexibility is a key offering for retaining your staff. But the commitment to decreasing employee turnover must go much deeper than that. Companies need to step up, focus on their company culture, and think about what truly empowers and inspires employees to stay committed and enthusiastic about their work. In other words, they need to focus on what makes their employees T.I.C.K.



…as a Foundation  

It should be self-explanatory. Trust is the cornerstone for any successful relationship. Unfortunately, a focus on establishing trust can sometimes end up low on the priority list in organizations. Trust is ultimately associated with performance and productivity. When employees feel they are trusted by their leadership, they are inspired to deliver.  

A lack of trust, in fact, is “the biggest expense in organizations.” All of those issues that pop up for leaders – leadership, sales, performance – always tie back to an issue with trust.  

Here are a couple of key things to remember about establishing trust in your organization.  

  • Stop the Micromanaging – Giving employees autonomy and the freedom to perform is one of the easiest ways to communicate that you trust them. Set guidelines but let your employees feel empowered to choose how to work within them.  
  • Transparency and Clarity – Employees ultimately trust what is clear and visible. And if that’s the message leadership is delivering, they are more likely to trust the organization.



…and Purpose 

Employees who have a sense of belonging at their workplace are 5.3 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work. As an organization, a focus on inclusion allows each of your employees to be their most authentic self. And when someone can use their authentic self to make an impactful contribution in their workplace, that is the truest sense of belonging and inclusion. You’ve given them purpose.  

Here are ways you can promote inclusion in your organization:  



…that is Open and Consistent 

Many companies overlook the importance of communication to empower and motivate their employees. A well-thought-out and consistently delivered communication strategy keeps employees informed and engaged. But don’t forget that communication is a two-way street. As an organization, ensure that you are listening, taking in feedback, and doing so on a consistent basis. That should be part of the communication strategy too.  

Here are a few ways you can improve your communication to empower employees:  

  • Involvement in Innovation – Continuously look for and communicate innovative ideas for continuous growth and improvement. Involve your employees in the discovery and decision -making process. 
  • Formally Receive Employee Feedback – Distribute employee surveys to ask for feedback and share those results with the organization.  
  • Goal and Objective Transparency – When a company makes its goals and objectives clear, employees are more likely to succeed. By making company goals and objectives visible to all your employees, it gives meaning and purpose to their efforts and contributions to the organization.


…for Growth 

A whopping 74% of workers report that “a lack of employee development opportunities is preventing them from reaching their full potential.” And there are similar statistics that drive home just how important it is to invest in your people. Giving employees the knowledge, tools, and prescribed opportunities to learn and grow is an essential part of empowering and inspiring. And when you provide those things as an organization, you are giving them a reason to stay and commit to a career with you.  

Here are a few specific ways to encourage your employees through knowledge and growth: 

  • Mentoring Programs – This is an easy way to help transfer knowledge from your top performers and leaders to those employees who have a desire to learn and become top performers and leaders. 
  • Professional Development Budget – Providing financial support to your employees to pursue courses, conferences, and certifications is always a good investment. But even if your budget is small, you can start small; buy your employees a book that you believe will help them grow and learn.  


Your employees are the backbone of your company. It’s important to keep them engaged and motivated. Understanding what makes your employees T.I.C.K. is just a small part of the many ways you can empower your workforce.


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