Should You Outsource Your L&D Strategy?

Ardent Learning

In order to remain competitive and cutting-edge, businesses often depend on specialized, expert guidance for certain projects or to support business units. Most businesses don’t have the resources, particularly manpower, to have fully specialized roles across the entire organization. As such, marketing teams will regularly work with ad agencies to help offload campaign creation and management or to help create a more effective strategy. Sales teams often bring in consultants to examine sales performance, analyze sales methodologies, and provide insight into how to drive better results.

Access to expertise exists for learning and development, too. Outsourcing L&D talent can help your business grow a strong learning and development program that helps create successful, confident employees and drives business results.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Vs. In-House L&D

  • Expert guidance and development: Using outsourced L&D providers gives organizations access to experts in learning and development who have a strong background in training, instructional design, authoring tools, and more. These experts know the trends and can advise organizations on how they’d fit within training requirements.
  • Flexible: Outsourced L&D teams can be brought in on a project-to-project basis that doesn’t come with costly contracts. They can also handle anything outside of the scope of an in-house L&D team’s needs, such as large-scale product rollouts or projects that need technologically advanced, interactive elements like VR, AR, or eLearning assets.
  • Fast development times: L&D providers specialize in the design and delivery of learning programs. With the experience and expertise of working on hundreds of projects comes the ability to predict and navigate any potential blockers or setbacks, which helps keep projects on track and moving forward. Plus, decades of experience means that L&D solution agencies are masters at their craft.
  • Cost-effective: Custom content creation provided by an outsourced organization is an investment, but the expertise of these teams means that you’re likely to get a stronger, more effective learning solution that engages learners, helps them retain knowledge, and ultimately leads to better business results through learning. Effective L&D programs decrease employee turnover and boost employee engagement, driving down overall costs.


Ardent Learning is an award-winning learning and development provider that specializes in designing and delivering solutions that are customized to meet your unique business goals. If you’re looking for a partner to help complement or supplement your existing L&D efforts or need more examples of how outsourcing L&D can help you create better solutions or strategies, get in touch with us today for expert guidance and assessment.

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