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Are you intimidated by Virtual Instructor-led Training (vILT)? After reviewing Ardent’s best practices for vILT, you’ll leave your fears behind. 

Whether you need to convert in-classroom material to a virtual format, or you plan to start from scratch with content, you should focus your effort into three main buckets: 

  • Preparing the Learner 
  • Formatting Class Content 
  • Selecting and Equipping the Facilitator  


Preparing the Learner 

Even the most basic vILT requires an explanation of available tools, potential disruptions, and session specifics. If you jump straight into content material, virtual learners will struggle to focusCuriosity may lead to personal explorations of the platform and internal guessing games about class length.  

Instead of skipping ahead, prepare the learner with these three steps: 

  1. Provide a demo on technical functions that will be used in the session 
  2. Communicate learning objectives up front 
  3. Set expectations for class length, participation, and activities 

Formatting Class Content 

To ensure understanding of key lessons, you’ll need to intentionally consider your content delivery. Lengthy, boring, and poorly designed class content will lead to brain fog.  

Test the clarity of your message with the following questions: 

  • Did you schedule in-session moments to assess real-time understanding? 
  • Can you incorporate interactive exercises like role-plays, whiteboards, or breakouts to make learning more immersive? 
  • Do any key points need to be simplified? 
  • Are your visuals eye-catching and on brand? 
  • Can you cut minutes off the clock without sacrificing essential content? 

Selecting and Equipping the Facilitator 

Once you solidify your content, you’ll want to carefully select a strong facilitator. The success of instructor-led training (in-person or virtual) rests firmly on this person’s shoulders.  

As you consider candidates, keep these traits in mind: 

  • Dynamic personality 
  • Command of voice, pace, tone, and cadence 
  • Ability to connect content to the learner 
  • Awareness of engagement levels 
  • Confidence in serving as the SME 
  • Prior experience with virtual learning 

After finding the right fit to facilitate your course, equip your instructor with a detailed script, pre-class rehearsal, and overview of virtual participants. 

Virtual instructor-led training doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow these best practices, and if you encounter any difficulties, reach out to an Ardent advisor.  

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