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Designing Impactful Microlearning Sessions

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Any training that can be consumed in bite-size pieces at the convenience of the learner falls into the category of microlearning. By breaking information into digestible pieces, L&D leaders increase the length of retention, reduce learner intimidation of complex subject matter, and empower employees for just-in-time learning.

Microlearning can be used in a blended learning solution and applied to several learning experiences and delivery methods, including eLearning, videos, job aids, and reference materials. People are more likely to learn and retain information in the long term when training is broken into smaller chunks. It is also less intimidating to tackle short micro lessons compared to tackling a long eLearning course, but there are important elements when delivering an impactful microlearning session.

When developing microlearning, follow Ardent’s 6-step framework:

  1. Define the goal
  2. Consider the full solution
  3. Meet the learner
  4. Determine the when
  5. Examine the ecosystem
  6. Choose the delivery

Deploying microlearning as part of a learning and development strategy has numerous benefits, both for the training team and the learners. For L&D teams, developing microlearning is sometimes a simpler process than the traditional long-form training sessions used in the past. Shorter content can be easier and faster to produce.

Microlearning helps people fit training into their schedules, lowering one of the most common barriers to effective on-the-job learning -- time. Maximizing effective learning time is an enormous factor for today’s L&D leaders. A University of California-Irvine study showed that employees work for an average of 11 minutes before they will be distracted by an outside stimulus. And even within this very short 11-minute span, employees work on various short and quick tasks lasting approximately 3 minutes each. With this in mind, microlearning’s role in successfully delivering required effective training that fits within a short window of time is clear.

Is your team bored with the same formats for micro sessions?

Here are some effective and popular formats for microlearning:

  • Videos
  • Simulations
  • Blog Posts
  • eLearning Courses
  • Text Messages
  • Flashcards
  • Digital Job Aids
  • Microlearning Platforms

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