Creating New Traditions With Ardent Learning Day

Ardent Learning

Since Ardent was founded almost 30 years ago, we’ve hosted annual company meetings that spanned across a few days every year and offered our teams from around the country an opportunity to gather in person, talk about the achievements of the past year, and look to the year ahead.

In 2020, of course, we needed to adapt. Instead of our usual company meeting where we hop on planes, trains, and buses to gather together, we tried to honor the spirit of our company meeting with a virtual learning day that asked each member of our team to round out 2020 with intention and roll into the New Year with the right balance of energy and excitement for what’s next.

Some companies are cutting traditions altogether, but at Ardent we’re rethinking and recreating traditions based on feedback from our "Connectivity Crew". This all-volunteer group is comprised of people from all around the organization who provide input and help execute the activities that keep a nationally distributed team knitted together. They’re the same team that developed "Ardent Game Day" and work on festivities for holidays throughout the year. One major focus for the crew is to help shape some of the connecting activities at the annual company meeting and to suggest and implement other touchpoints throughout the year that keep the team united across states, and now across home offices all over the country.

Ardent believes in the spirit of learning as the foundation for creating adaptable, resilient teams that are ready for anything – and we work to instill that into our own teams every day. People who are passionate about learning and growing are the best resources for handling times of change and adapting to new normals. We’re proud to have a team that's enthusiastic about creating a better work experience not just for our clients, but also in their own workplaces.

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