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Ardent partners with the Boys and Girls Club of America

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Ardent believes in making an impact -- in the classroom and in the community. That's why each Ardent employee gets 40 hours per year to invest as a volunteer in the community organization of their choice. At the end of August, a team of Ardent employees partnered with local chapters of the Boys and Girls Club of America to help load backpacks full of school supplies for students returning to a very different-looking school year. 

The Rochester city schools will be returning to class 100% remotely and in order to ensure that all kids have equal access to resources, Ardent volunteers worked with the local Boys and Girls Club of America center staff help get kids back-to-school-ready with backpacks -- complete with everything they'll need for remote school success. 

Caitlin Levesque, Director, People Operations at Ardent noted: 

Ardent provides each of our team up to 40 hours per year to give back to their communities. Over the past year, we’ve been working hard to partner with an organization whose mission and reach aligned with ours. The Boys & Girls Club of America has Chapters in Rochester, Franklin and Irvine - on top of many other locations where our remote teams work. Their dedication to providing opportunity and space for kids across these communities to come together and learn is unmatched. They have multiple programs that are unique to the communities that they serve which compliments how our team thrives. We’re now able to volunteer our time and resources to an organization in various ways in the communities that we work everyday.

Ardent is proud to partner with organizations like the Boys and Girls Clubs that support learning, education, development, and growth, and champion causes that help to meet the needs of our communities.

If you want to support the mission of the Boys and Girls Club of America, you can find out ways to donate and get involved locally here

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