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Why Custom Learning Solutions Are Replacing Generic Training

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You customize your Chipotle order, your computer settings, your Pandora stations— even your skincare routine. In a world where customization is king, it’s not surprising that personalized training is becoming more prominent than ever. So, what’s the benefit of custom learning solutions?

Custom Learning Solutions Produce a Higher Return on Investment

Whether it’s custom learning solutions or a generic library of online courses, training costs money.

According to a study published by Training Magazine, organizations in the United States spend between $1,075 to $1,886 on training for each employee annually. If those numbers aren’t high enough, ineffective training cost businesses an average of $13.5 million per year, per 1,000 employees.

Why are so many companies dedicating large portions of their budget to training? According to research performed by the Society of Human Resource Management, it’s because 50% of employees who don’t receive effective training will leave their positions within the first year.

Since we’re talking numbers here, let’s discuss the cost of replacing these employees: the average cost of hiring and onboarding a single employee average about $4,000 (more than the initial cost that employers dedicate to training).

What’s the solution? Training that actually works.

Custom Learning Solutions are More Likely to be Received by Staff

Thirty-three minutes after training, students lose 42% of the material covered in a generic training environment. That’s almost half of the content they were taught. However, research shows that there’s a 55% improvement with an alignment of real-world scenarios that relate directly with an employee’s line of work— learners remember more than four times as much from training sessions that are perceived as highly relevant to their jobs.

Custom Learning Solutions Are Unique to Your Organization's Needs

Your organization is unique— and your training should be, too. Generic training  is just that: generic. Out-of-the-box courseware provides an overview of general concepts and is designed to train employees with a variety of goals in a slew of unrelated industries. An automotive company won’t have the same business goals and objectives as a retail shop, so why should the training for each of these businesses look the same?

While generic, out-of-the-box training offers a standard training method, custom learning solutions offer an expansive suite of delivery methods to help provide results-driven strategies tailored to each organization’s unique culture and learning styles. Custom solutions can be personalized to best fit the needs of your organization while focusing on different proficiency levels, learning styles and performance goals of each employee. Additionally, custom learning solutions have the ability to train employees on real-world scenarios and prepare staff for industry challenges they’re most likely to face.

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