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Customer Education Offers Shared Benefits


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Meeting Patient & Profit Needs

Knowing the importance of early intervention for dialysis patients, a healthcare company adopted a marketing strategy based on learning. This unique approach would allow the company to increase its brand recognition and help patients understand the details of dialysis treatment. Company leaders envisioned a massive increase in lead generation once they began informing prospects of their health options.


The Challenge

The healthcare system is a complicated web of communications. For the lead generation strategy to work effectively, the client needed primary care physicians and specialists to refer patients to their pre-dialysis education program. This program would help patients make the best treatment decision. Ultimately, the client needed a learning strategy that benefited the patient, physician, and dialysis center.

The Results

Ardent’s educational program materials and sales kits helped the healthcare company form strategic partnerships with providers. These partnerships greatly increased lead generation and helped physicians feel confident about equipping patients to make the best decision for their personal health. As patients increased their knowledge about the benefits of early intervention, they achieved better outcomes. The program led to success for patients, physicians and the dialysis center.


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