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Partnering for a Rapid ILT to VILT Conversion


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Sales Training to Enable Growth

A top tier automotive company has undergone rapid growth and transformation. They’ve positioned themselves as a global leader in the
automotive industry with over 750 dealerships in the United States and eight million vehicles sold. Releasing impressive new vehicles that rival models offered by premium manufacturers, this client has taken the lead in quality studies and is offering vehicles packed with advanced driver assistance and safety systems.

To ensure all employees were prepared to speak to the key features and benefits of these impressive new vehicles, the organization invested in expertly facilitated, in-dealership workshops that would be held within its larger markets. Additionally, the organization was committed to reaching 100% of its employees and was piloting virtual instructor-led training (vILT). The intent was to test vILT as a solution to reach those in markets where in-person events were less feasible.


The Challenge

The world pandemic created stringent policies for companies of all sizes that mandated employees work remotely from their homes. We recognized that eleven instructor-led training courses had to quickly have their delivery format converted to a virtual format, as well as adapt the content to address new safety guidelines and social distancing norms.

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the Results

"I am blown away by the speed at which Ardent's Facilitation Team was able to transition to virtual, dynamic delivery."  —Key Stakeholder

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