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Automotive Solutions

As a full-service learning and development agency, each solution is tailored for each client. 

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Solutions that ACCELERATE results

Custom solutions for auto industry clients are the hallmark of our portfolio. Every auto manufacturer and brand is unique with different business challenges, goals, brand, and culture — we take every aspect into consideration to build a solution that's designed to succeed. We bring wisdom and expertise to every engagement with teams prepared to hit the ground running for any type of the following challenges:

Sales Onboarding
& Training

Every client’s journey is unique, and Ardent will meet you where you are. Delivering a branded sales experience that develops customer relationships translates into service revenue from loyal buyers. We can design, develop, and deliver custom solutions for any challenge to accelerate your business results.

Sales Onboarding & Training

In-Dealership Training

With a team of trained facilitators, we can provide branded in-dealership training for every department to keep your team current on the latest vehicle features, technology, and customer experience.

Service Advisor Training

Ardent has created performance support tools designed to enable Service Advisors to conduct customer conversations that guide confident purchasing decisions for vehicle services. 

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Thirty years ago, sales training focused on features and benefits. Today, it’s about the customer’s end-to-end journey, online to offline, and then back again. Every client we meet is at a different level of maturity with customer experience, but the rules have completely changed. Customer experience is governed by human emotion. At Ardent, we escort our clients through the various touch points that matter most to their customers.

Technical Training

The increasing complexity of vehicle technology demands a new set of skills from today’s technicians. Ardent has developed automotive technical training and certification programs to ensure that your team is ready to navigate advanced diagnostic and repair procedures.

Technical Training


Digitalization of the industry provides an opportunity to connect emotions to immersive experiences. This represents a whole new platform for brands and training departments. Let us help you discover where human interaction is most wanted, where automation is most valued, and where digital solutions can strengthen relationships with customers throughout the buying process and ownership lifecycle.


First impressions are everything. With increasing complexity of vehicle technology, many buyers find today’s vehicle features difficult to use or operate. Let Ardent prepare your sales consultants to sell feature-rich vehicles in a way that exceeds customer expectations.

Business Development Center

Business Development Center

Improve lead conversions, customer loyalty, and profits with our BDC consulting and learning development solutions. Let our industry experts drive customers back to your store with our Virtual Business Development Center service.

Electric Vehicles

Ardent can help you optimize opportunities in both sales and service, making the transition to electric fuel vehicles easier. A blend of solutions makes sustaining learning achievable.



Process design can drive change, but investing in culture will shape how team members think and act in a contactless sales approach. We can align the human behaviors with your brand and transcend traditional process improvements to build lasting customer connections that lead to larger sales.