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Explore Ardent’s recent work and client deliverables

Internet Sales Microlearning

A series of short, easy-to-digest eLearning courses focused on internet sales, and working with customers through email, phone, and text.

In-dealership Training

With a team of trained facilitators, we can provide branded in-dealership training for every department to keep your team current on the latest vehicle features, technology, and customer experience.

Multichannel Customer Experience Training

A highly-focused campaign with consistent messaging and a custom visual design theme enabled consistency across training and numerous digital and print-based training assets.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Immersive virtual training utilizes best-in-class technology, expert facilitation, and proven instructional design principles to support learners through their journey.

Performance Support Tools

We've designed smarter ways to interact with customers with fully responsive web applications that support business goals. 

Custom eLearning Courses

Web-based training courses provide comprehensive training overviews with custom HTML5 development and multimedia infographics.

Digital Assets, Illustrations, and Interactive PDFs

Designing product reference guides as a training resource enables sales and increases product understanding.

Brand Identity and Custom Training Assets

Developing a fully immersive training event with custom visual aids, participant guides, and training assets enables sales.