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Blended Learning to Elevate the Customer Experience


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Partnering for Rapid Growth

A top tier automotive company has undergone rapid growth and transformation. They’ve positioned themselves as a global leader in the automotive industry with over 750 dealerships in the United States and eight million vehicles sold. Releasing impressive new vehicles that rival models offered by premium manufacturers, this client has taken the lead in quality studies and are offering vehicles packed with advanced driver assistance and safety systems. These advances are attracting a more affluent customer whoexpects more from the vehicle sales process and dealership personnel when it comes to customer treatment. To retain their current customers and conquest new ones, the organization searched for a learning solutions partner who could not only transfer product knowledge to sales consultants and other dealership personnel, but who could also help elevate the customer experience across their vast dealer network.


The Challenge

To succeed in the rapidly changing automotive environment, the client needed to put their customers at the forefront. While this customer-centric approach starts internally, the client knew their training investment could produce better results with a more strategic Learning & Development partner. The previous learning solutions were lecture-heavy with immersive curriculum that overemphasized some topics and left others undiscussed and left little room for practice and participant engagement.

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the Results

"The Ardent Team has been an important part of our organization's success this past year."  —Key Stakeholder


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