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Multichannel Training Captures Global Market


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Sales Training for a New Market

To capture a larger share of customers in the automotive industry, Volvo decided to introduce their first line of luxury vehicles. After many years of research and development, they felt confident in their product design and the new car line’s ability to compete head-to-head with other luxury cars. But gaining market share requires more than producing a quality product. After all, a luxury car customer varies dramatically from an economy shopper.


The Challenge

The organization felt proud of the advancements in technology in the new vehicle and wanted retailers to understand these exciting features. They knew a one-page sales doc wouldn’t satisfy engagement levels needed by the salesforce. This product launch would require a new skill set, and company leaders wanted employees to feel excited during training. They believed exciting learning opportunities would transfer into ongoing motivation and execution of the new sales skills.

The Results

Ardent successfully navigated cultural and language barriers to produce one of Volvo’s most successful global launches to date.

  • Sales volumes of the new car exceeded projections.
  • Customer satisfaction scores returned higher than anticipated.
  • Dealer participation in learning events outperformed company expectations


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