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High-Tech Training For High-Tech Vehicles


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With an increasingly complex and technology-forward vehicle, a well-established automotive company recognized the need for digital training tools to support sales teams and meet the needs of a new, savvier customer.

New products bring about the need to innovate and improve training materials for sales teams. As a leading vehicle manufacturer added new options for vehicles in its lineup and prepared to bring more technologically-complex features to upcoming models, the company’s L&D team knew it had the potential to elevate the brand – and provide a superior customer experience to a new, savvier customer. In a partnership with Ardent, the company aimed to create a high-tech, customer-focused sales training program to educate, further explain vehicle features and benefits, and help sales representatives inspire potential buyers.


The Challenge

With a new, innovative product comes a new buyer profile – buyers who are more informed about similar products and new in-vehicle technologies. The company recognized this need and aimed to transform the traditional product spec-heavy sales training into a customer-focused sales experience with technology at its core.

The Results

This automotive client’s J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction Index scores increased an incredible 29 points from the previous year, with the on-the-job tool contributing to this impressive increase. Incorporating this on-the-job tool into the existing sales product training workshops improved sales consultant engagement and their willingness to train.


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