Want to create a scalable, convenient, and cost-effective learning and development program? Immersive virtual instructor-led training (vILT) utilizes best-in-class technology, expert facilitation, and proven instructional design principles to support learners through their journey.

Ardent helps clients create custom vILT solutions so learners can refine and master new skills through practice sessions, immersive discussions, and real-time feedback and coaching opportunities.

Learn How vILT Can Work for You

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Wonders & Blunders of vILT Content Design

Good content design is essential to effective virtual instructor-led design. Save this infographic to help audit and create the most effective, engaging vILT program. 


5 Steps to Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Converting to or creating virtual instructor-led training can be overwhelming. Use this free infographic as a roadmap to help you build an effective vILT strategy.


Dispelling the Myths of Virtual Instructor-Led Training

This short, free webinar outlines how  virtual instructor-led training can be just as immersive, personalized, and impactful as in-person programs. Find out more now.


5 Quick Tips for vILT

Learn more about how to create effective custom virtual instructor-led training programs that engage learners and support your learning and development goals. Read our brief, free ebook now to discover your next steps. 


Convert to vILT With Ease 

This quick, free eLearning course can help you transition your organizational learning strategy to better support remote teams to be more flexible and adapt to changing environments and circumstances.  


Make the Transition to vILT

Watch this brief, on-demand webinar to prepare you for how to support a dispersed workforce, covering topics from how to adapt content to a virtual format to assessing impact. Learn more now.