Pfizer Unleashes The Potential of New Leaders


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Rapid Company Growth Requires Rapid Leadership Development

When success leads to rapid growth, many companies promote high-performing employees into leadership roles. But just because someone is a gifted contributor doesn’t mean he or she knows how to lead and inspire a team. Achievement at the leadership level requires a completely different set of skills. To ensure a successful transition for its new team leaders, Pfizer requested Ardent’s custom solutions.


The Challenge

Many high-achievers believe the skills that led to their promotions will continue serving them well. They may lean on their own drive for excellence when reviewing their team’s work, which can lead to micromanaging and wasting time on low-level tasks. To serve as effective leaders, these performers must let go of tactical activities and instead focus on strategic issues. Additionally, they should prioritize lessons on navigating the complexities that come with running a huge, multinational organization. To help leaders transition more easily, Pfizer asked Ardent to educate its rising leaders with new competencies.

The Results

In the end, Pfizer’s new leaders felt more confident in their roles and grew comfortable passing off tactical actions in order to pursue strategic interests and transformational leadership. When asked about their experience working with Ardent, the pharma executives boasted of the Ardent team’s attentive listening and ability to deliver solutions tailored to their unique needs.


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