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Pfizer Closes The Skills Gap With Career Paths


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Providing a Pathway to Knowledge

It’s important for employees to understand their strengths and the areas they should focus on improving, but to stop there would be a huge oversight. The best leadership development not only follows best practices for performance discussions, but also provides pathways to learning. Ardent is privileged to partner with several organizations at their points of need, helping close the skills gap for modern learners.


The Challenge

As Pfizer, a top-tier pharmaceutical company, was wowing the world with its innovations in medicine and vaccines, leaders saw an opportunity to intentionally invest in employees in its finance department. Up until this point, there had been no clear structure to career pathing and skill building. Pfizer sought the help of Ardent to develop a deliberate learning approach that would train teams at all levels, from individual contributors to senior leaders.

The Results

Once employees were empowered and equipped to learn essential skills, performance ramped up quickly. Pfizer’s executive team greatly appreciated Ardent’s ability to understand their existing ecosystem and produce custom solutions that easily integrated with other programs already in place.


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