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Developing Staff Into Leaders Propels Growth


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Moving Beyond Start Up Mode

Many businesses fail because they grow too quickly. To sustain success in times of meteoric growth, a strategic growth plan is essential.
This was the case for in the online recruiting industry. When revenue numbers moved from $3.4 million to $168 million in only four years, company leaders desired a solution to empower managers and develop leadership skills across the organization.


The Challenge

As this online recruiting company grew rapidly because of growth, employees leaped from entry level roles to senior level managers. This fast growth would cause whiplash in anyone, even employees with incredible leadership potential. To lead expanding departments well, inexperienced managers needed to rapidly develop sophisticated managerial skills. The answer came in the form of a leadership development program that could serve the company until the next major growth crisis.

The Results

The formal management program equipped employees for rapid personal growth and helped the company effectively manage rapid growth. The client was overjoyed by Ardent’s careful handling of its culture, and behavioral changes from new leaders led to greater productivity. Additional benefits came in the form of mentor relationships, coaching interactions, and effective peer management.


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