An Engaging Product Launch Enabled Successful Training


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Setting a Strong Vision for Product Releases

CareStream Health is a health imaging division of Kodak and anticipated launching several new products at an annual industry trade show, they recognized a need to educate and excite their global salesforce. Their vision of a record-breaking release required employees to understand extensive product knowledge and apply strategic selling techniques.


The Challenge

In an effort to excite employees about six new products premiering at an annual radiology trade show, company leaders enlisted the help of Ardent. Representatives at the conference needed to know new product specifications backward and forward. They would also be responsible for tailoring solutions to the unique needs of each customer. With lead generation goals at an alltime high, Ardent set to work on solutions that would stimulate enthusiasm over the product launches.

The Results

The learning event accomplished its purpose. Employees arrived at the annual trade show feeling motivated and confident in their ability to meet customers’ needs with the new products. Anytime a salesperson needed additional information, they reviewed their digital Product Guide. The team reported record-high enthusiasm for the event, and company leaders felt thrilled with the lead generation results.


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