Virtual instructor-led training (vILT) can reach every learning style in your organization. This versatile learning solution combines visual, auditory, and kinesthetic factors to help engage and connect with learners. 

When you follow vILT best practices, you can reach all types of learners, improve employee morale, and accelerate business results. Check out our free, short but informative ebook to find out how to optimize vILT for all learners in your organization. 


Female at desk with headphones and vilt

Best Practices For Converting ILT To VILT

Find out how organizations are successfully transitioning their instructor-led training to a virtual format and moving toward a more flexible and adaptive future.

Laptop view of vilt

Top Tips To Be An Effective Virtual Instructor

Transitioning from in-classroom, instructor-led training to a virtual format requires effective virtual learning facilitation. Here's what to know.