Spotlight on Video: Trends for 2022


“Tonight is the night that I’ll go to sleep early.”

How many times have you given yourself that promise, then stayed up far too late watching videos online?

Consuming video is more than an enchanting way to pass the time (especially when we should be sleeping). Videos grab our attention more than any other form of content. Be them for entertainment or training, videos have become an essential part of communication, especially in the learning and development industry.

Video usage has exploded in the last ten years. Its popularity is enhanced by technology that’s more accessible (i.e., the 4k video setting in the latest iPhone iteration),  easier to share, and offers incredible engagement and knowledge retention benefits. 

Benefits of Video Learning in L&D

Video is continually growing to become the most popular mode of communication online. It is estimated that by 2022, 82% of internet traffic will be composed of videos. In the L&D world, video’s benefits make learning more equitable to all types of learners, as well as provide a sustainable, scalable way to ensure your company’s message stays on-brand.

Take a look at some of the great benefits of video learning:

Information is transferrable

Knowledge transfer is a method of sharing information, abilities, and ideas across different areas in your business, and using video can make the task much more effective. Written materials or instructions miss the subtle nuances that video knowledge transfer can bring. 

Supports visual and neurodiverse learners

People learn at different paces and retain information in unique ways, and video is a great way to support your neurodiverse and visual learners. 

Increased information retention

Do you know that the retention rate increases up to 65% when learning programs include visuals? That’s because we are visual creatures and tend to remember what we see more than what we hear. 

Trends in Video for 2022

If you’re preparing to add or increase video learning in your company, here are a few trends for the coming year.

Repurposing written content to video

In the last two years, the world has seen the benefits of visual and interactive learning, and many corporate L&D teams have taken notice and are looking to update their learning content.

A trend to watch in 2022 is repurposing the existing written content into multimodal learning content. Written content can be turned into an animated video and bring a new dimension to the lesson. Because the content is already created, you’ll be able to churn new video solutions out efficiently.

Interactive walkthrough videos using VR or AR

We believe that 2022 will likely be the year of virtual and augmented reality. Factors spurring the movement include lower costs for VR and AR devices, advanced tools to build virtual environments or augmented reality filters, and more familiarity with the platform. VR and AR can replace or supplement hands-on training in a risk-free environment, allowing learners to use creative thinking to solve problems and test outcomes. Additionally, AR can be a boon for sales teams, who will offer customers a virtual environment to see and feel features before they buy.

Building microlearning with video

Research shows that microlearning improves knowledge retention by up to 80%. Paired with increased engagement for video learning, microlearning with video has the potential to become one of the top tools in the L&D toolbox. Short and interesting videos with targeted information can improve learners’ engagement significantly.

In 2022, L&D teams will continue to adapt to change, and that means more teams will embrace the use of video in their learning programs.  Grab your VR goggles and get ready for the future!


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